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      Election Eagle is a dedicated, patriotic organization committed and focused on critical election data analysis in the key swing state of Michigan and other states

      Through thorough, precise, and careful data analysis, we have illuminated the horrible state of the voter registration database in Michigan.

      As of May 2024, there are over 320,000+ ghost voter registrations in the official Michigan election database A.K.A. the Qualified Voter File (QVF).

      We are committed to driving forward to raise awareness and clean up the voter registration database in the key swing state of Michigan

      The official, suspected ghost voter registrations are publicly avilable freely for all at Check My Vote which is a massive repository of carefully analyzed election data developed proudly by Election Eagle:


      Get involved in saving our country today! Sign up or make a donation! We are a completely volunteer based organization and every single ounce of support makes a real difference!

      What is our purpose?

      • To perform state-of-the-art, sophisticated election data analysis to identify ghost voter registrations, fraudulent information, and irregularities for the purpose of cleaning up the voter registration rolls
      • To put voter-roll management in the hands of American citizens by providing helpful analysis & tools to engage with volunteers and elected clerks.
      • To support each other in identifying and removing irregularities from your state’s voter rolls continually

      What are our data sources?

      • State Voter File - Obtained by periodic Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filing processes or downloading from the Secretary of State (SOS) website
      • Database of known USPS / UPS Office Addresses - Publicly available and open data
      • National Change of Address (NCOA) Data - People who have moved in/out of State in the last 4 years
      • Volunteers categorizing addresses - People Flagging registrations (deceased / moved / unknown)
      • MELISSA National Database – Standard Apartments