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      AI Perspective on State Level Election Theft

      AI Perspective on State Level Election Theft

      Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for criticism, technological development, and usage in recent months. There is a free, online, text-based platform for AI that anyone can type any imaginable question into, and a very intelligent response will be provided (chatgpt.com). 

      What is AI’s perspective on grand scale election fraud? Read further to find out.



      Hypothetically, if state-level election officials in concert with super wealthy outside donors were planning to steal an election, they had inflated the voter rolls far above the voting age population, they had installed voting machine computers for vote counting, they had a history of employing paid mules to stuff drop boxes around the state with fake, ghost ballots, what would be their next most likely plan to steal an upcoming election? 


      AI Answer 

      In a hypothetical scenario where there is a coordinated effort to manipulate an election as described, several potential strategies could be employed to further their plan. These strategies might include: 

      1. **Manipulating Voter Registration and Roll Maintenance**:

         - Continue to inflate voter rolls with ineligible or nonexistent voters to create a pool of potential votes that can be exploited. 

      1. **Tampering with Absentee and Mail-in Ballots**:

         - Increase the use of absentee and mail-in ballots, which could be more susceptible to fraud if proper controls are not in place.

         - Use the identities from the inflated voter rolls to submit fake absentee ballots.

      1. **Controlling Polling Places and Vote Counting Centers**:

         - Place sympathetic or corrupt officials in key positions at polling places and vote counting centers to influence the counting process.

         - Limit or obstruct access to poll watchers and observers who could report irregularities. 

      1. **Exploiting Voting Machines and Software**:

         - Install and manipulate voting machines or software to alter vote counts directly.

         - Ensure that there is limited transparency and auditability of the vote counting process. 

      1. **Disinformation and Propaganda**:

         - Use disinformation campaigns to confuse or mislead voters about the voting process, deadlines, and their polling locations.

         - Spread false narratives to discredit legitimate election results and create doubt about the integrity of the electoral process. 

      1. **Co-opting Media and Communication Channels**:

         - Control or heavily influence media outlets to shape public perception and narrative around the election.

         - Suppress negative information about their activities and promote favorable coverage. 

      1. **Legal and Legislative Maneuvers**:

         - Pass laws or regulations that make it easier to commit or cover up fraud, such as reducing transparency requirements or eliminating certain safeguards.

         - Use legal challenges to delay or disrupt the certification of election results. 

      1. **Intimidation and Suppression**:

         - Intimidate voters, especially those likely to vote against the conspirators, to suppress turnout.

         - Use targeted disqualification or purging of legitimate voters from the rolls. 

      It is important to note that these strategies are illegal and unethical, and any real-world instances of such actions should be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to uphold the integrity of democratic elections. This response is purely hypothetical and does not suggest that such activities are occurring or should be condoned.


      Because actions will save our country, not words, a follow up question was asked to determine how free citizens could counter such an attempt at grand scale election fraud in the presence of a highly corrupted governmental atmosphere. 



      How could such a plan for grand scale, statewide election theft be disrupted, thwarted, and neutralized so that the election is fair from the perspective of free citizens? Assume the highest level election officials are corrupt (secretary of state, director of elections, county clerks), but many of the city and township clerks are good people. Also assume that the county prosecutors have not taken any credible, legitimate actions to prosecute known instances of election fraud including full police investigation reports implicating super wealthy NGOs and outside funding? 


      AI Answer 

      To address the hypothetical scenario where grand-scale election theft is being orchestrated by high-level officials while lower-level city and township clerks remain committed to fairness, and where county prosecutors are inactive, free citizens could take several steps to disrupt, thwart, and neutralize the plan. Here are actionable strategies: 

      1. Mobilize Citizen Oversight and Reporting 

      **Grassroots Monitoring**:

      - Organize citizen watchdog groups to monitor the entire election process, from voter registration to ballot counting.

      - Train volunteers to serve as poll watchers and challengers, ensuring a presence at every polling place and counting center. 

      **Whistleblower Platforms**:

      - Set up anonymous tip lines and secure online platforms for city and township clerks, as well as other insiders, to report any suspicious activities without fear of retaliation. 

      1. Leverage Media and Public Awareness 

      **Media Partnerships**:

      - Work with independent and investigative journalists to bring attention to irregularities and potential fraud. Use media coverage to apply public pressure on corrupt officials.

      - Utilize social media to spread awareness and document evidence of fraud, ensuring that information reaches a wide audience quickly. 

      **Public Campaigns**:

      - Conduct public awareness campaigns to educate voters on how to spot and report fraud, the importance of their vote, and the measures being taken to protect the election. 

      1. Utilize Legal and Judicial Channels 

      **Legal Action**:

      - Engage with independent legal organizations and civil rights groups to file lawsuits challenging unlawful election practices and seeking court orders to enforce fair procedures.

      - Pursue court injunctions to prevent the use of questionable voting machines or processes and to mandate transparency in the election process. 

      **Judicial Appeals**:

      - Appeal to higher courts if local courts are compromised. Federal courts may be more receptive to hearing cases about election integrity and enforcement of federal election laws. 

      1. Advocate for Federal Oversight 

      **Federal Agencies**:

      - Petition federal agencies, such as the Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission, to investigate and intervene in cases of widespread election fraud and corruption.

      - Request the involvement of federal observers to monitor the election process in areas with known issues. 

      1. Strengthen Local Efforts 

      **Empower Local Clerks**:

      - Support and collaborate with the honest city and township clerks to ensure they have the resources and backing to conduct fair elections within their jurisdictions.

      - Provide legal and security assistance to protect these clerks from intimidation and retaliation. 

      **Community Organization**:

      - Organize local community groups to assist with election-related activities, such as helping voters understand their rights, ensuring turnout, and monitoring polling places. 

      1. Ensure Transparent and Secure Voting Processes 

      **Paper Ballots and Audits**:

      - Advocate for the use of paper ballots and post-election audits to verify electronic results, ensuring a verifiable paper trail for all votes.

      - Push for random and comprehensive audits in multiple jurisdictions to detect and deter fraudulent activities. 

      **Blockchain and Technology**:

      - Explore the use of blockchain technology for secure and transparent vote counting, making tampering more difficult. 

      1. Foster Accountability and Consequences 

      **Public Accountability**:

      - Maintain pressure on public officials through continuous public scrutiny and demand accountability for any actions or inactions regarding election fraud.

      - Use public platforms to name and shame officials who are complicit in undermining the election. 

      **Voter Mobilization**:

      - Mobilize voters to participate in every aspect of the electoral process, from attending town halls to voting in every election, ensuring that corrupt officials are held accountable at the ballot box. 

      1. International Oversight 

      **International Observers**:

      - Invite international election observers from reputable organizations to monitor the election process, providing an impartial assessment of its fairness and integrity.

      - Publicize the findings of international observers to add credibility to reports of fraud or misconduct. 

      By employing these strategies, free citizens can work to counteract efforts to steal an election, ensuring that the process remains fair and transparent despite the presence of corrupt officials at higher levels.


      We all have work to do. There is a country worth fighting for here.